Sunday Morning Classes

9:45-10:30 am

Sunday Morning Classes

  • Life Principles

    By looking at a combination of Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures, we will discern things that will challenge us, encourage us, and help us live our loves in a more Christlike way.

    Join us for this 5-week study

    Class led by Jerry Pledger in Room 201

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  • The Blessed Life

    Have you hears about the blessings the Bible says God desires to bestow on those who trust Him, and perhaps you've begun to wonder where those blessings are for you?

    This 6-week study by Robert Morris will help us understand what the Bible teaches about the blessings of God.

    Class led by Pastor Paul in the Chapel

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Midweek classes

Wednesdays @ 10am/ 6pm

MidWeek Classes