Sunday Morning Classes

9:45-10:30 am

Sunday Morning Classes

  • Life's Choices

    Choices, choices, choices!

    Seeds sown today impact the future of our lives, our families, and even future generations. Sowing and reaping is one of God's important spiritual truths and it applies to every area of our lives: spiritual, financial, physical, relational. Whether we realize it or not. what we do today has a direct impact on what we experience in the future.

    Join us as we seek to understand 7 truths about this spiritual principle.

    Class led by Pastor Mark in Room 203

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  • FREQUENCY: Tune In. Hear God.

    by Robert Morris

    As believers in Jesus Christ, we naturally want to know how we can hear God's voice. And like a radio host broadcasting His voice into the airwaves, God is speaking all the time. The question is, are we tuned in to the right frequency? Our lives are filled with constant noises competing for our attention. Yet many of us never hear the the One voice we long to hear the most. In the midst of it all, God is still speaking. Do you hear Him?

    Join us as we learn how to tune in and hear God. Class starts July 28th.

    Class led by Pastor Paul in the Chapel

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Midweek classes

Wednesdays @ 10am/ 6pm

MidWeek Classes