Sunday Morning Classes

9:45-10:30 am

Sunday Morning Classes

  • God's Word is Truth

    Are you puzzled by some parts of the Bible? Is it simply an ancient book of wisdom or much more?

    Join us on a journey of discovery as we visit some of the questions many of us have about the Bible.  For example: Why is it called God's Word? How accurate can it be after all this time?

    The answers are available and may surprise and encourage you!

    Class led by Dan Lancaster in Room 201

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  • Daniel

    Join this class on Daniel, a faith-building study of prophecy and learn how to live with integrity in today's self-absorbed society. The prophet Daniel faced unbelievable pressures to compromise his faith, to live in a hostile culture, and to confront temptations and threats. 

    Today, believers in Jesus Christ face many of the same trials. Join this class as pastor Mark leads us in how to develop enduring integrity in and enticing world.

    Class led by Pastor Mark in Room 203

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  • More Than Words

    We can easily bog down or feel overwhelmed by the depth and massive scope of God's Word. It can even become "just words on a page" rather than a very personal communication from a loving Father who desires to talk to us. 

    Robert Morris helps us see God's Word as living and breathing and also helps us rekindle the fire in our hearts to know God personally and intimately through the Bible.

    Class led by Pastor Paul in the Chapel

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Midweek classes

Wednesdays @ 9:30am/ 6pm

Thursdays @ 7am

MidWeek Classes

  • Becoming Myself:

    Embracing God's Dream of you


    Becoming Myself is a stunningly beautiful reminder that we're deeply loved, accepted and celebrated by God - not just some day, but right now! 

    Get Ready to finally get comfortable in the skin God put you in!

    Class led by Lanita Linch

    Wednesdays @ 9:30am -11:30am

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  • Emotionally Healthy Relationships


    The Emotionally Healthy Relationships (EHR) course addresses core biblical principles of practical discipleship that will deeply change our lives. Through this course we will learn the use of 8 practical relationship skills.

    Since loving others and loving God cannot be separated, each person will also grow in their personal, first-hand relationship with Jesus by incorporating stillness, silence, and Scripture as rhythms of daily life. 

    Join us for a powerful journey that will walk you through a door that will forever change the way you love God, yourself, and others.

    *This class is currently full, but we are accepting names for a waiting list. Please contact the church office or sign-up in the lobby. 

    Class led by Pastors Johnny, Lisa and a GREAT team of table leaders

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  • Authentic: Developing the Disciplines

    of a Sincere Faith

    This study introduces believers to spiritual disciplines that will help them develop a closer walk with God. What does it mean to live as an authentic follower of Jesus? Learn to follow His example by practicing the spiritual disciplines He used to maintain a close relationship with His Father. 

    Discover how much you can grow in Christlikeness as you pursue the practices of Bible study, prayer, fasting, fellowship, service, and worship. 

    Please join us as we explore this material together.

    Class led by Kevin Estes & Preston Barger

    Wednesdays @6pm- 7:30pm

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  • Courageous Men of the Old Testament

    in our desire to be men of integrity, we need to consider the journey of faith we are on, which will require that we be recklessly obedient to God. He wants to redeem our weaknesses, make our lives a blessing to others, and teach is to be strong, yet vulnerable.

    Christ will transform us by turning temptation into obedience and enable us to leave a lasting legacy of spiritual fortitude. Finally he will teach us to dream big, resolve our doubts, and overcome our failures.

    Come join this study led by Pastor Mark

    Thursdays @ 7am

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